Power Freight Systems CEO Gives Insight on Supply Chain Management

San Francisco, CA, 01/17/2007 — 

CEO Malcolm Winspear of California-based Power Freight Systems recently provided insight on successful management techniques from both the C-level and operational perspectives. This was part of an extended interview (download PDF) for the November/December 2006 issue of Supply Chain Comment -- the newsletter for 3PL and supply chain executives published by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. 

"My primary activities are to establish, monitor, and manage the strategic and tactical performance of the organization," whether they are financial, operational, customer, or human resources-related, Winspear explains. He cites the importance of being accessible to and in touch with customers, employees and suppliers in the Power Freight Systems business ecosystem. 

Winspear also stresses the importance of inspiring employees to achieve their goals by effectively defining and communicating the organization's vision, and creating a culture of passion and excitement. The sense of engagement and fun is something he believes leaders must instill in every level of a company. 

Empathy and the desire to address the needs of business partners, customers and employees must also be a major priority for the exceptional leader. "Effective leaders [...] directly impact the performance of the players and their desire to succeed," he notes. 

Because of the responsibility inherent in a C-level position, potential pitfalls exist around every corner. But Winspear identifies three of the top risks as the following: 

  • lack of effective communication with all arms of the organization, including customers and suppliers
  • indecisiveness and delays in decision-making, which can muddle the sense of corporate vision and make a company's direction appear inconsistent
  • lack of trust in the CEO by employees, which becomes mistrust for the organization and directly affects quality of work across the board

To run a successful company Winspear says it is key to "hire excellent people, empower them, and then recognize their accomplishments." He adds that it is better to hire intelligent and driven, but untrained employees, than highly-trained but incompetent ones. 

Finally Winspear commends the dynamic and growing nature of logistics management, citing the importance of stimulating interest in students and young professionals to seek a future in the industry. 

"Supply chain management has come a long way in the last three decades," he says. "No longer the 'necessary evil' of trucks, warehouses, and back-office traffic managers poring over freight rate tables, supply chain and logistics management are now recognized by most all organizations as integral to their success." 

About Malcolm Winspear
Winspear studied business administration at the University of Texas at Austin and has 20 years of experience in Logistics Management, working with Federated Department Stores, Exel Logistics, and Associated Materials. After a 20-year run managing fast-growing organizations, he joined the Power Freight Systems team as CEO in January 2004. 

About Power Freight Systems, Inc.
Power Freight Systems found its start in Newark, CA where it maintains its headquarters. Power Freight provides state of the art distribution, warehousing and supply-chain management solutions, specializing in time-sensitive logistics for clients seeking reliability and high levels of information visibility. They serve organizations across the telecommunications, IT and medical equipment industries.

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