Power Freight Systems Streamlines Warehouse Management Operations

San Francisco, CA, 07/04/2008 — 

To accommodate rapid growth while providing greater functionality, reporting and security, third-party logistics (3PL) vendor Power Freight Systems launched the latest version of its proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS), PowerHouse™. 

PowerHouse 3.0 tracks and traces items with greater precision while simplifying item management processing for the product receiving, shipping and pick-up. Put-away intelligence and bar coding capabilities also improve the efficiency of warehouse management staff. And new event and transaction auditing capabilities provide full lifecycle item history, raising the bar in reporting, security and exception diagnosis. 

The latest version of PowerHouse™ builds on previous web-based client-side reporting and alerting capabilities, offering PFS clients the ability to report on warehouse square footage consumption and availability, and empowering them to track and receive alerts on critical item aging windows. All reporting and alerting facilities operate in real-time and can be configured per-client; individual data needs can be addressed on an account-by-account basis. 

"Inventory Reporting and data security often become casualties when a company aggressively pursues growth," said CEO Malcolm Winspear. 

"By continually improving our software infrastructure as we grow, we strengthen our technology foundations as we build on them. At the same time, we can anticipate opportunities to continuously improve our customers' internal management operations." 

In 2006 PFS expanded to Portland, Oregon. It doubled operations in 2007, seizing the chance to explore environmentally-sustainable ways to expand. Three months later, it launched additional warehousing facilities in Austin, Texas. 

About Power Freight Systems, Inc.
Headquartered in Newark, CA Power Freight Systems, Inc. provides state of the art distribution, warehousing and supply-chain management solutions, specializing in time-sensitive logistics for clients seeking maximum reliability and high levels of information visibility. They serve organizations primarily across the telecommunications, semi-conductor, information technology, aerospace and medical equipment industries. 

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