Power Freight System’s Latest WMS Update Opens Doors for 3PL Systems Integrations

San Francisco, CA, 05/13/2010 — 

Anticipating the needs of its clients, Power Freight Systems launches the latest version of their proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS), PowerHouse™. The PowerHouse version 3.5 release supports direct integration with customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other back office systems and real-time event notifications related to inventory management, transactional requirements, and stock transportation operations. 

PowerHouse has been developed by Power Freight Systems over the course of several years, and is constantly being enhanced to address the specific operational and informational needs of Power Freight Systems’ clients. The 3.5 release blazes the trail for enhanced logistics management information exchange between parties and further streamlines Power Freight Systems own back office operations. In alignment with the company’s strategy of custom-tailored solutions, the latest release also allows clients the freedom to customize the system and documentation vocabulary, in accordance with their organization’s operational nomenclature. 

This version of PowerHouse builds on previous releases, delivering easy to use, web-based tools, reports and alerting capabilities. The system gives PFS clients the ability to report on warehouse square footage consumption and availability, move current inventory, and track and receive alerts on critical item aging windows. All reporting and alerting facilities operate in real-time and can be configured on a per-client basis; individual data needs can be addressed on an account-by-account basis. 

"We recognize that information technology plays an increasingly significant role in our customers’ success. By consistently innovating with a focus on agile systems design and real-time information exchange we are demonstrating a commitment to serve our clients and partners as effectively as possible," said Power Freight Systems CEO, Malcolm Winspear. 

Power Freight Systems currently operates a network of five domestic logistics management centers. The company is strongly focused on expansion via environmentally-sustainable means, and sees aggressive information technology investments as key to this objective. 

About Power Freight Systems, Inc.
Headquartered in Newark, CA, Power Freight Systems, Inc. provides state of the art distribution, warehousing and supply-chain management solutions, specializing in service-sensitive logistics for clients seeking maximum reliability and high levels of information visibility. The Company serves organizations primarily across the telecommunications, semi-conductor, information technology, aerospace, alternative energy and medical equipment industries.

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