Power Freight Expands Logistics Services Presence in Southern California

San Francisco, CA, 07/12/2011 — 

Power Freight Systems, Inc. today announces the expansion of the company’s West Coast 3PL logistics operations with the opening of a new location in Valencia, California. The new facility is strategically located to support the growth of the company’s distribution and logistics services within the region, as well as to provide logistics support for transportation services between the greater Los Angeles market and both the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest markets.

The new building, located on Avenue Williams, is a 58,000 square foot distribution facility, and will become fully operational in July 2011. It is a Class A facility, and will provide both extensive floor and high bay rack storage capabilities in a high security environment.

Malcolm Winspear, President of Power Freight Systems stated, “We are very excited about this expansion as it both increases our services offerings for existing customers, and serves as a strategic expansion into one of the largest domestic transportation and international freight markets in the U.S.

“Our development in Southern California is in keeping with the company’s long term strategy of intelligent geographic growth. We are confident in the continued economic recovery in the Western U.S., and this facility positions the company well as manufacturing, assembly and distribution, and sales of our customers’ products continue to expand in Southern California and throughout the U.S.”

The new Southern California facility builds on Power Freight Systems’ existing 600,000 square feet of warehousing and distribution space. And the company intends to continue expansion of its technology-based distribution and transportation service network. The goal, explains Winspear, is that they continue to grow -- both geographically and in their breadth of logistics services -- in anticipation of and in direct response to their clients’ needs.

About Power Freight Systems, Inc. 
Headquartered in Newark, CA, Power Freight Systems, Inc. offers flexible, secure, and efficient transportation and logistics services to numerous industries across the US and North America, including aerospace, automotive, capital equipment, electronics and high technology, medical, print and paper, retail, solar and alternative energy, and telecommunications.

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