Surcharges & Fuel Prices

Freight transportation costs rise and fall with the market price of fuel and related charges such as security costs. At Javelin Logistics we do our best to minimize the impact of these cost changes. We track all fuel prices as reported by the US Department of Energy and adjust our surcharges on a weekly basis.

Resources: Air Freight Surcharges | Surface Freight Surcharges

Dimensional Calculator & Metric Conversions

Shippers often need to figure dimensional weight in order to correctly rate a shipment. Click here, and we'll help you figure dim weight for any size package.

If you're shipping internationally, chances are you'll also want to convert U.S. to metric measurements or vice versa. Click here for a calculator to help you keep your centimeters and kilos straight.

Freight Service Levels

Service NameDelivery Timing
Next Flight Out Same business day
Overnight AM One business day by 12 noon
Overnight Saturday One business day or Saturday
Overnight One business day
Express Two business days
Standard Three business days
Deferred Five business days
Local One business day
Same Day Same business day

Let Us Help You Find That

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Earthquake Preparedness

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maintains near real time data on the probability of earthquakes in the California area. On average earthquakes pose far less threat than your average day in traffic. Nevertheless, we do like to keep tabs on the local tectonics. Take a peek for yourself.

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