Semiconductor products are in everything from dryers to space exploration, and everything in between. With an industry that is so diverse, we can't offer one-size-fits-all solutions; we craft custom pathways for your sensitive components, ensuring seamless flow from fabrication to final destination.
Industry Specific Solutions
Capital Equipment
We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for semiconductor capital equipment, including delicate lithography and etching systems. Our climate-controlled facilities and trailers ensure safekeeping, while our transportation and rigging experts deliver unparalleled precision throughout the process. Every solution we provide is tailored to its project.
Capital Equipment
  • Lithography & etching systems
  • Climate controlled facilities and trailers
  • Transportation & rigging experts
Raw Materials
Frustrated with semiconductor supply chain bottlenecks? Our solutions are custom made to continuously fight against congestion. We excel at fulfillment to fabs, managing inventory precisely, and dedicate campus routes for reliable daily drops. Focus on innovation, leave the logistics to us.
Raw Materials
  • Fulfillment to fab
  • Inventory management
  • Campus routes for daily deliveries
Spare Parts
We optimize spare parts inventory, manage vendor stock, and offer expedited shipping to get critical parts where you need them fast. Our comprehensive domestic transportation and warehousing solutions keep your operations running smoothly and your customers happy.
Spare Parts
  • Inventory levels optimization
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Expedited shipping & delivery
Wafer Logistics: from fab to fab, We Have You Covered. We handle interstate and local transport with expertise, ensuring safe delivery. Our specialized packaging and handling techniques minimize risk, and dedicated storage and distribution solutions cater to your unique needs, giving you complete control and confidence.
  • Transportation: interstate & local
  • Specialized packaging & handling
  • Storage & distribution specialty
Chemical experts for semiconductors: safe & secure. Our comprehensive solutions offer secure transport, ADR compliance, and on-time deliveries through our reliable asset-based network. We handle chemical shipments for semiconductor manufacturers daily, ensuring expertise at every step.
  • Safe & secure transportation
  • ADR compliance
  • Asset-based solutions
Finished Goods
From fabrication to customer, we handle it all: crating & machinery moving, expert distribution management, and reliable domestic transportation solutions for your finished goods. Maintaining complete control, our domestic network features strategically located finished goods warehouses and a customized transportation solution to ensure secure movement of your finished goods.
Finished Goods
  • Crating & machinery moving
  • Distribution management
  • Domestic transportation solutions
Services for Semiconductor
Forget cookie-cutter solutions! Javelin goes beyond mere logistics.
We collaborate with your team to tailor-fit supply chain strategies that seamlessly align with your unique needs. Think proactive problem-solving and exceptional outcomes.
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