Unpredictable supply chains impact even the most robust tech manufacturing operations. Our custom logistics approach adapts and optimizes your supply chain, driving continuous improvement and delivering reliable outcomes.
Industry Specific Solutions
Aerospace demands unwavering precision and reliability, maneuvering critical components through the supply chain. Our expertise in rigging & machinery moving ensures safe, meticulously planned relocations. Our tailored warehousing services help streamline your supply chain, eliminating disruptions. Our specialized transportation equipment covers a diverse set of jobs, including oversized, overweight, temperature controlled, hazmat & more.
  • Rigging and machinery moving
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Specialized Transportation Equipment
We ensure your telecommunications network stays connected, no matter the climate. Our climate-controlled storage keeps sensitive equipment safe, while our precise kitting and packing services prepare everything for efficient deployment. From network rollouts to daily operations, our team provides custom solutions for telecommunications supply chains.
  • Climate storage
  • Kitting & packing
  • Project work and rollouts
We navigate the complexities of energy manufacturing with comprehensive logistics solutions. Our expert teams specialize in rigging, transportation, and warehousing across various sectors. We don't just move equipment; we create tailored plans for project work, as well as provide daily manufacturing logistics, ensuring your operations run smoothly.
  • Oversized & heavy haul
  • Specialized rigging and crating
  • Fulfillment and spare parts
We understand the critical nature of defense logistics. Secure your valuable tools with confidence. We offer a dedicated asset-based fleet for ultimate security. Eliminate reliance on your 3PL's third party. Our secure, company-run warehouses ensure optimal storage and unmatched security for valuable assets. With an unwavering focus on compliance, we navigate complex regulations, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire logistics chain.
  • Asset-based transportation
  • Company-run warehouse facilities
  • Security & compliance focused
Test & Measurement
Ensuring the accuracy of your test & measurement equipment starts with secure logistics. We specialize in temperature-controlled transportation to safeguard sensitive instruments during transport. Custom crating and packing solutions further minimize damage risks. Going beyond transportation, we offer comprehensive project-based solutions, tailoring our logistics to meet your unique testing needs.
Test & Measurement
  • Temperature controlled transportation
  • Custom crating and packing
  • Project-based solutions
Consumer Electronics
From warehouse to doorstep, we optimize your consumer electronics journey. Our custom Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers advanced inventory management, ensuring lightning-fast order fulfillment. Our efficient pick & pack services guarantee accurate and speedy processing. For high-value electronics, we provide dedicated team drivers and follow cars, ensuring secure and damage-free delivery.
Consumer Electronics
  • Custom WMS for advanced inventory management
  • Pick & pack services
  • Team drivers and follow cars
Services for Technology
Forget cookie-cutter solutions! Javelin goes beyond mere logistics.
We collaborate with your team to tailor-fit supply chain strategies that seamlessly align with your unique needs. Think proactive problem-solving and exceptional outcomes.
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